Shoreditch Bakes

1 Apr

Pitfield cakes

There’s a lot of baking going on in Shoreditch. No joke, I know it’s April Fools, but tis true. One of the newest kids on the block is Pitfield London, on Pitfield street. I cycle past every day and have to try very very very hard not to crash on the way. If you’ve seen their window display of massive, delicious looking meringues you’ll know why. Have a look at these bad boys!

cherry tart pitfield london

Big sis (she of jam, relish, and marmalade fame) was in town this weekend, and as a couple of cake aficionados, we had to go and test the Pitfield wares. A cherry almond flan type cake (above) for big sis, and a beautiful hunk of carrot cake for me (below). Carrot cake is my favourite type of cake, and is the acid test for any establishment. This one didn’t disappoint – moist, spicy with plenty of sweet cream cheese icing. Win!

carrot cake pitfield london

Of course where else do you take big sis when in town than London Fields Lido? We had to justify a second cakey stop of the weekend somehow. I racked up an hour with the gang at the Red Top Swim class, and big sis swam a kilometre too. Hurrah, we definitely deserved a stop at the home of the whoopie pie – Violet Cakes on Wilton Way.

Sunny London Fields Lido

It was difficult to choose just one cake – Violet has so many treats to choose from. Pistachio and rose whoopies, ginger molasses cake, red velvet cupcakes, choc chip cookies (and there is so so much more). Help! We began by treating ourselves to a cinnamon bun each washed down with the finest flat white. Breakfast fodder, if you will. A rhubarb cupcake to take away? Don’t mind if I do…big sis opted for the chocolate version, with salted caramel frosting.

Violet cakes cinnamon bun

Nice one sis, come back soon!

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