BBQ Custard Buns

9 Jun

Dan Lepard Slider Buns
You wouldn’t know it now, but sometimes the sun comes out in the UK, and we can do fun things like sit outside & have BBQs. Yup, it’s true – a couple of weeks ago, the sun shone, Shoreditch heated up, and out came the coals and burgers.

Custard Powder for Bread
I haven’t done much in the bread baking department, but after the success of Dan Lepard’s hot cross buns at Easter, I thought – why not try some of his burger buns, following this recipe for his “Slider buns” found on the Guardian website.

custard bread
Imagine my surprise when the first step in Dan’s method is to make custard. Yup, you heard. Custard. Admittedly it’s a very savory custard, but a custard nonetheless. Made with custard powder, and milk and everything. Crackers!

Dan Lepard burger buns
Then it’s the usual drill. Add flour etc, do the minimal Dan Lepard kneading trick, prove the dough, roll into balls and prove again.

bread rolls after proving
Bit of egg wash, sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake until golden. Don’t they look good? Another success, thanks Dan!

baked bread rolls
Good enough to wrap up with brown paper and butchers twine to take to the BBQ you’ve just been invited to.

And don’t forget about Big sis’s corn relish, a perfect burger condiment. Don’t mind if I do!



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