Pimp my cake

14 Jun

almond cake berry compote creme fraiche

Me and that Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall are totally on the same wavelength. Just as I’m thinking about blogging the virtues of plain, good old fashioned sponge cake all tarted up with compote (stewed fruit to me and thee) and a dollop of cream, he comes up with this formula: fruit + cake + custard or cream = winning dessert. You’re so right Hugh, just what *I* was thinking. More of Hugh’s insight and his fruity cakey creamy recipes are to be found here in his Guardian column

How about this for a pudding win? Madeira cake (but baked is a round tin rather than a loaf) with stewed summer fruits & crème fraîche as pictured above. The stewed summer fruits are easy – take any bag of frozen fruit and put them in a saucepan, heat on a very low heat until they’re all oozy and smooshed up and sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener.

victoria sponge with strawberries and cream

Or how about this take on the classic Victoria sponge, with fresh strawberry compote instead of jam. With this one you get to macerate the fruit (remember that?) Check out Rhubarb & Rose for an inspirational rhubarb version. I reckon rhubarb and strawberry would be killer!

And if all else fails, just turn your plain sponge into cake pops. Cake will never, ever be boring!


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