Wedding Bake Off, Part 1

18 Jun

Hummingbird Carrot Ginger Cake

Me & Mr Cakes got married last month, did I mention it? With our love of cakes, it seemed only sensible to hold a bake-off on the big day. We invited our friends to bring a bake of their making to be judged by your very own Mr & Mrs Cakes. Of course we took it all very seriously. We had a clipboard and everything in order to score each bake according to appearance, taste and creativity!

Bake Off Judging

We had lots of fantastic entries, and lots of people in 4th place! Today I’d like to share with you the cake that came 3rd, made by none other than big sis Cakes and her family! (not a fix, honest! They’d have won if it was….)

Bake Off Table

The cake of beauty was a Carrot and Ginger layer cake from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. Flippin’ gorgeous! Big sis did have a small advantage in knowing my favourite cake in the whole world is carrot cake (but then any one of you reading this blog will also know this). But this was a thing of beauty – 4 layers of moist sponge, packed full with fresh carrots and fresh ginger – imagine the freshest carrot and ginger juice, freshly squeezed from your favourite wholefoods cafe but better. And then the icing, yes – iced with lashings of the very important cream cheese icing. You can find a scaled down version of the recipe here. Just double up and split between 4x 20cm round tins. Now, who is next to get married? I NEED another bake-off opp!

Thanks again to Dave Johnson for taking the fabulous wedding pics


2 Responses to “Wedding Bake Off, Part 1”

  1. andmorefood July 12, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

    congratulations! and what a gorgeous dress.

    I’ve always thought I’d like to bake myself a wedding cake, but not sure if it’ll make me a monster when the time comes!

    • Shoreditch Bakes July 13, 2012 at 9:25 am #

      Thankyou! Granny made the proper wedding cake – she’s the original Mrs Cakes. I was going to do cake pops for everyone but ran out of time. It’s nice to let other people do the work on your big day – less for you to worry about!

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