Shoreditch Bikes

2 Aug

Lord Hereford's Knob

Finally – some good weather. Good news for our annual 2 day ride. Last year – the Coast to Coast from St. Bees to Whitby. This year? Traversing the English/Welsh border south to north. The moral of the story here folks, is if you want good weather for your event, invite Mr & Mrs Cakes.

chocolate stop

Day 1 was 103 miles from Newport to Shrewsbury, including a nice sit down at the top of Lord Hereford’s Knob! Day 2 was our equivalent of a “rest day” – just 72 miles of relatively flat terrain to the Wirral.

Finish line beers

Can you believe – a stop in Abergavenny for coffee, Kington for lunch, Shrewsbury overnight, Ellesmere for brunch on day 2, and we didn’t eat a single slice of cake! Not one cupcake, nor a whoopie, not even a slither of carrot cake.

Shoreditch beers

But we made up for it with plenty of beers! You have to celebrate you’re achievements…don’t you?


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