L.ove I.t D.ip O.utdoors

16 Aug

Come sun…

sunny london fields lido

…or snow

snowy london fields lido

You can’t beat swimming outdoors. London Fields Lido heats the water to 25 degrees year round, so there’s no excuse to dive right in.

We’re very lucky in London, we have a shoal of outdoor swimming opportunities, and you can even choose between heated, non-heated, pool or pond (although I’ve yet to find a heated pond…imagine that!)

tooting bec lido

Tooting Bec is surely big daddy of the lido scene. 91 metres of uninterrupted, naturally chilled swimming space. A-mazing.

ian thorpe tooting bec lido

Especially when the Thorpedo decides to pop in for a masterclass. Thanks Ian!

kenwood bathing pond

But what could be better than a dip in one of Hampstead Heath’s bathing ponds? Perfect after a log day’s work on a sunny late summer evening, especially when followed by a big slice of cake from one of the many local hostelries.

Here’s a handy guide to all the Lidos in London


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