Swimming or Flying?

9 Oct

Thames Hampton Court

Another weekend, another postponed race catch up. This time, the Speedo Open Water Swim Series Hampton Court Swim. Mr Cakes and I were reluctant to leave the cosy taxi that took us to the chilly, misty riverbank by Hampton Court Palace. The sun that warmed our skin pre-Dart seemed far, far away. We were told the water was a frosty 12 degrees, and we watched as the elite wave took to the water with gasps and many a sharp intake of breath.

“Better do some star jumps to warm up”, I said to Mr. Cakes. Still, we needn’t have worried – we weren’t going to be in the water for that long. We’d both put down an estimated finish time of 80 minutes, putting us slap bang in the middle of the field in wave 6. Pah! 80 minutes? Try half that!

Hampton Court Swim 2012

The current, thanks to more rain, was fast and strong. We entered the murky water and could feel it pulling us towards Kingston – the race finish. After the usual bunching at the start I found myself a clear bit of water to swim in, as close to the centre of the river as I could get away with, just shy of the kayaks and buoys lining the route. I quickly gave up trying to work out how far I’d swum – the first large orange buoy said 800m, then the second 3200m, the third nothing. Instead I got on with enjoying the fresh chill of the water on my face, and the rush of swimming as fast as an olympian. Just under 40 minutes after the start klaxon, I sailed through the finish gantry, hotly pursued by Mr Cakes.

A PB to be proud of, perhaps. A PB that’s going to be hard to beat? Absolutely! Thanks Human Race, another great event.

ps – check out these videos on youtube, they really show how fast the water was flowing!

2 Responses to “Swimming or Flying?”

  1. afictionhabit October 9, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    Well done to you and Mr Cakes for doing the Hampton Court swim. Mr FH was also due to swim, but decided last minute not to. I think he didn’t fancy the murk after the rain and the temperature put him off (plus being away all last week and this week – he wanted to see the little ‘uns). I guess that’s the last swim of the season? Time to hang up the wetsuit for the winter. Pinny on then!

  2. swimminggear October 9, 2012 at 11:56 pm #

    Human race throws great events with great people and good vibes. The photos are breathtaking.

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