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Monkey Bees Knees

12 Feb


There must be about a million recipes for banana bread on the internet, probably because it’s so flippin tasty! This is one of Nigella’s, with a couple of amendments. The basic recipe can be found on Nigella’s website. Instead of raisins and walnuts, my version is studded with crunchy honeycomb chips. Just substitute the walnuts with 100g honeycomb chips, leave out the raisins, and reduce the amount of rum to 45ml. The honeycomb melts into the batter as the cake bakes, leaving an almost burnt caramel swirl throughout the sponge. Yum!


Velodrome Cake

9 May
Velodrome Cake

From the BBC Food website

It’s not to late bake-offers. Look at this! How perfect is it? The recipe is here on the BBC Food website. Although I’m not sure about the pit of doom the riders will descend into once they finish….

So, I baked a cake this week. But I didn’t post about it. Things have been a bit busy at the Cakes household, because we’re getting married in 3 DAYS TIME! Yikes.

But if you’re interested, the cake was Dan Lepard’s Dark Banana Ginger Cake. It’s pretty tasty, but the ginger all sank to the bottom.

Dan Lepard Banana Cake

From the Guardian Website

This is the last post pre-wedding. See you on the other side with tales of the bake-off, and the recipe for Grandma Nicholson’s wedding cake!!!