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Blondies have more fun

16 May


We’ve all eaten Brownies, right? Dark, bitter, squidgy, rich and very chocolatey. Head to the new Hoxton Bakery on Hoxton street and you can buy yourself one of the finest examples of brownie-ness ever.

But what happens when you want that squidge, but without the chocolate? Blondies happen! Just like a Brownie, but minus the chocolate (unless you decide to stir in some chocolate chips, that’s totally okay). Violet do some rockin’ Butterscotch Blondies, but these here are Malted Banana goodies.

Malted Banana Blondies

125g butter
150g dark muscovado sugar
75g caster sugar
1 large egg
Pinch salt
125g plain flour
75g horlicks powder
1 large banana, mashed

Butter and line an 8 inch square cake tin. Preheat oven to 180C/160C fan/Gas mark

Melt the butter and whisk in both sugars, then beat in the egg. Fold in the salt, flour and horlicks powder and finally mix in the mashed banana.

Pour the cake batter into the lined tin and bake for 20 minutes until just done. You want the cake to still be a bit squidgy, just like a brownie…

Leave cake to cool on a wire rack until cool, then cut into squares, rectangles, whatever shape you fancy really. I went for 16 squares!