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Christmas Pops

3 Dec

Christmas tree cake pops

It’s December, officially time to start thinking about Christmas. How about these fellas then? Christmas tree cake pops and Christmas pudding cake pops. Have a look at my top tips for cakey pop baking for some cake pop basics. Here, for the trees, shape your cake mixture into cones. You’ll need green melts and a selection of sprinkles. For the puddings, it’s the usual round pops with brown & white melts and some little holly sprinkles.

christmas pudding cake pops

Get festive with your cake innards, the trees you see here are ginger sponge with ginger buttercream and the christmas puddings are christmas cake (use off-cuts when you trim your cake pre-icing), and brandy buttercream.

Check out the amazing Bakerella for more festive cake popperage!