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Great Scot

20 Nov


Last weekend Mr Cakes & I hot footed it up to Glasgow for a weekend of fun with chums. Naturally we wanted to take a small offering to our hosts for the weekend. Remember The Bones, who got this marvellous Chocolate Salted Caramel Extravaganza when they moved north of the border? Well, they used to practically live on whoopies and macaroons from the gorgeous Violet Cakes in London. So what better than these Violet Coconut Macaroons as a little gift. They feature in the Leon Baking & Puddings book. Get it!


Among other things, we went to watch round 2 of the UCI track world cup at the brand spanking new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow. I’m not sure riding in kilts without bikes is going to take off tho, ladies…


Thanks again to the Bones for a great weekend! See you soon.

Shoreditch Bikes

2 Aug

Lord Hereford's Knob

Finally – some good weather. Good news for our annual 2 day ride. Last year – the Coast to Coast from St. Bees to Whitby. This year? Traversing the English/Welsh border south to north. The moral of the story here folks, is if you want good weather for your event, invite Mr & Mrs Cakes.

chocolate stop

Day 1 was 103 miles from Newport to Shrewsbury, including a nice sit down at the top of Lord Hereford’s Knob! Day 2 was our equivalent of a “rest day” – just 72 miles of relatively flat terrain to the Wirral.

Finish line beers

Can you believe – a stop in Abergavenny for coffee, Kington for lunch, Shrewsbury overnight, Ellesmere for brunch on day 2, and we didn’t eat a single slice of cake! Not one cupcake, nor a whoopie, not even a slither of carrot cake.

Shoreditch beers

But we made up for it with plenty of beers! You have to celebrate you’re achievements…don’t you?

Velodrome Cake

9 May
Velodrome Cake

From the BBC Food website

It’s not to late bake-offers. Look at this! How perfect is it? The recipe is here on the BBC Food website. Although I’m not sure about the pit of doom the riders will descend into once they finish….

So, I baked a cake this week. But I didn’t post about it. Things have been a bit busy at the Cakes household, because we’re getting married in 3 DAYS TIME! Yikes.

But if you’re interested, the cake was Dan Lepard’s Dark Banana Ginger Cake. It’s pretty tasty, but the ginger all sank to the bottom.

Dan Lepard Banana Cake

From the Guardian Website

This is the last post pre-wedding. See you on the other side with tales of the bake-off, and the recipe for Grandma Nicholson’s wedding cake!!!

Dorset Bakes

10 Mar


This weekend Mr Bakes and I took a little road rail and road cycling trip, starting in Axminster and finishing in Dorchester. And look how sunny it was!

sunny dorchester

We only cycled 50km, but when you’re either going up a hill, or down the other side of it, 50km seems quite a long way (and we haven’t yet got our climbing legs back after a winter of hibernation)

So, the only thing for it was to stuff our faces at the River Cottage Canteen the night beforehand. To begin we had pigeon breast with garlic potato purée and smoked pollack roe taramasalata. Then razor clams and chorizo, lambs liver and couscous, and a side of roast spuds, and then pudding! A chocolate brownie with cardamom cream, and a big plate o’cheese & biscuits.

Chocolate Brownie

The highlights were the pigeon & the cardamom cream. We also tried a local dessert wine. I wouldn’t recommend it. Sauternes? Yes please! Royal Tokaji? Hell yeah! Lyme Bay dessert wine? Errr, maybe not.

Chicken Pie

The next day we went up and down the Dorset hills on our bicycles, with only a brief interlude to talk marquees. After all that cycling we felt we’d earned ourselves a treat. And it was lunchtime…which = pie time. Sausage roll, and a chicken and bacon pie. I’m pretty sure this is the combo Bradley Wiggins will be ordering post Paris-Nice tonight. Speaking of Bradley, Mr. Bakes just commented that with his helmet on, it looks like he’s wearing a jimmy hat. Time for a hair-cut Wiggo?

Sausage Roll

Hoy Hoy!

18 Feb


Yesterday Mr Bakes and I had a very different Friday. It started with a run to the lido at 9.30am for an usually quiet swim before running home to a spot of poached eggs on toast. Then we travelled to the Olympic Park to watch the UCI Track Cycling World Cup, and somehow had seats right on the finish line 3 rows from the front. Pretty, pretty good!


See how close we were? Although track cycling events are usually very good for spectators, as you can get out your seat and walk around, get right up to the track to see what’s going on and no-one really minds or tells you to get back to your seat.


Here are Pendleton and Varnish about to whoop ass in the team sprint, before winning gold later on in the day. We also were witness to the first ever world record in the velodrome, which Pendleton & Varnish went on to smash too! We did see Chris Hoy and his team sprint chums. And yes, he’s still massive.


Afterwards we had a look round Westfield, just because it was there. On the plus side, we got a pinkberry.

Now, I wonder what type of muesli bars these cyclists like to eat?