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Snow White & Rose Red

18 Dec

red snowflake christmas cake

The cake is ready! A few weeks of feeding with brandy and slowly maturing and it’s time to ice. I was dreaming of a bright red reindeer, like this one, what a beauty!

half christmas cake

But Big Sis Cakes had bought me a set of snowflake icing cutters for my birthday. Snowflakes it is then. Doesn’t it look good? Tastes alright too. You can find the recipe in my recent post, Feed Me!

sliced red snowflake christmas cake

Cupcake Workshop

22 Apr


Big sis Cakes and I learnt how to decorate cupcakes today, thanks to the lovely Gill at The Cupcake Workshop. But first things first. A lovely cup of tea of course.

Then down to business. First we learnt to make butterflies, daisies, roses and bows using sugar paste.


Don’t they look professional?


All that hard work left us gasping. Time for more refreshments methinks.


And then back on with the grafting…


Filling the cupcakes with a secret surprise…


Keep those hands steady sis, nice buttercream rose icing!


Add your sugar paste decorations, and there you have it, fantastic looking cupcakes. Too good to eat really!


But don’t worry, we did manage to eat a couple. Forced them down, you know…