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Bake Off

20 Apr

Momofuku cake

Mr Cakes and I will officially become Mr & Mrs Cakes very soon. As in, we’re getting hitched, tying the knot, getting married, you know!

Now, I won’t might not be baking anything for the big day, but our chums will be. We’re having a good old fashioned Bake Off, and I can’t help finding inspiration everywhere.

If I was baking, I might have to try the above Momofuku milk bar cake. How cool does he look? He comes from the Kitchen Heal Soul blog.

I also really really really want to try a proper rainbow cake. Like this fella…

Rainbow cake

Thanks Martha!

But how could I resist trying to impress the judges with a batch of smoochy lip covered cake pops? These come from the always wonderful Rhubarb & Rose

Lipstick pops

Maybe someone will invite me to take part in a bake off soon. Until then I’ll have to content myself with scoffing our guests offerings on the big day. It’s a hard life…