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Mother’s Bake

18 Mar

slice of boozy fruit cake
Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers. I hope your sons and daughters have spent all day being nice to you, or hopefully remembered to give you a card, or at least text to say hi.

I don’t normally see my Mum on Mothering Sunday. Usually I’ll send a card, and sometimes tuck in a packet of seeds as a gift (not sesame seeds, or some other healthy snack you understand – but some seeds to plant in the garden, like some pretty freesias or something…) and it’ll probably turn up a few days late. Hey, is it my fault there is no post on Sunday?
simmer boozy cakesift boozy fruit cakeraw boozy fruit cakeBoozy fruit cake
This year Ma and Pa are in Shoreditch, and it just so happens to be Mother’s Day. I’d better get baking, methought. So I did – this rather lovely boozy fruit cake offering from the hallowed baking bible of Mary Berry (again). It’s really quite quick to make – simmer dried fruit, butter, golden syrup, walnuts and milk for five minutes. Mix with flour, bicarbonate of soda, mixed spice and eggs, tip into your 20cm round tin and bake. Splash with booze (brandy for me) when the cake comes out the oven. It Would make a perfect last minute Christmas cake, as you can eat it right away, no maturing required.

Happy Mum’s Day!

Two-ti Fruiti

28 Feb

Lemon Yogurt Cake

First of all, possibly the least photogenic cake I have ever witnessed. Mary Berry’s Lemon Yogurt Cake, from her Baking bible. I mean, look at it Mary! Had I been baking to impress on first sight, this just wouldn’t cut the mustard. This is not a bake-off winner. Luckily, it tasted good and was fairly easy to make – a saving grace. As it has yogurt as a major ingredient, Mary suggests you keep the cake refrigerated – fat chance, Mary! I scoffed it all pretty quick.

Slice Lemon Yogurt Cake

I even processed these photos to make them look more classy, using the “Italian” setting on my camerabag app.  Hmph.

You can find the recipe and another incarnation of the cake (looking just as un-inspiring, albeit with a little sugary lemon decoration) on A Kiss of Cookies blog

And now for something a lot more beauteous, a creation from Samalamadingdong, Cover Girl extraordinaire! Look at this beaut – a blueberry crumble CAKE! It’s cake AND its crumble. Woah there…

Blueberry Muffin Cake

What you need to know about Sam is that her cooking is A-MAZING for a start. Mostly this is because she is very creative, and makes the most delicious meals every time I’ve been round her house – and seems to do it all so effortlessly. Oh yeah, I’m just throwing in some doo-dah wotsits into this. I’ve never done it before, lets just see what happens.  She says. And it always works. Every ruddy time!

So, thankyou Sam for sharing this recipe  – which can be found here on Allrecipes. Hang on a minute though. You didn’t think Sam followed the recipe to the letter did you? Where would the fun be in that? Here’s what the crafty madam had to say…

I didn’t have ground cinnamon to add to the crumble so I added about a teaspoon of French almond extract – is yummy! Also I cooked for an extra 10-15 mins but oven was on at 150 (as have fan oven so dropped the temp a bit). Think it’d make nice warm pud with ice cream! Num num.

Num num indeed Sam, when do you want me?

Sam's Blueberry crumble cake

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Hail Mary!

30 Jan

Apricot Walnut Bars

Okay, so I promised you sports snacks, tri bars (no, not those funny looking handlebars on Mr. Cakes’ bike), back pocket safe muesli type cake snacks on test.  The quest started last year. I tried these cinnamon berry granola bars featured on bbcgoodfood. They were tasty, and packed full of goodies but they were flippin’ hard!  I’m talking rock solid, chip a tooth hard. So Mr. Cakes and I crumbled them up and used them as yogurt topping instead. Strike one.

Then I tried these lovelies  – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s honey and peanut butter booster bars. Now, these bars were featured on the River Cottage Every Day veg series and Hugh served them up to a group of open water swimmers after swimming the OSS Dart 10k. Incase you’re wondering yes, it is a 10 kilometre swim in the river Dart from Totnes to Dittisham. If you fancy it this year it’s being held on the 8th September. Unfortunately me and Mr. Cakes will be in Bala to compete in the Wrecsam tri club olympic triathlon. Shame! Maybe next year…seriously, I’d be up for it. Anyway, back to the bakes. I had high hopes for Hugh’s bars – if they were good enough for those 10k swimmers, then they surely would be perfect. But they weren’t, for some reason they didn’t really set and became one big gooey mess (and more yogurt topping, ultimately!) I’m going to blame it on the oven, it was around the same time that the element blew the electrics to the whole flat and forced us to move our half-cooked 6 hour slow roasted pork shoulder from Shoreditch to Victoria Park. But that’s another story. Strike two.

So, when Mary Berry promised Apricot and Walnuts Sandwich bars, just like “something out of a health shop” in her Baking Bible (and yes that is what she talks like…) I thought I must have struck gold.

Apricot and Walnut Sandwich Bar

They’re kind of a like a shortbready-flapjack with gooey apricot jammy stuff in the middle. Really very tasty, not too sweet, but incredibly crumbly – very much like crumble infact. So much so that Mr Cakes and I ate them with custard on top thank you very much. Not suitable for the rapha jersey pocket, sadly.

And so it looks like I’m out. Who is next?