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East End Olympic Triathlon

6 Aug








Pie and Mash.


How to have an Olympics party

30 Jul


Put on your union jack* tights, paint your nails red white and blue**, bake a red white and blue** layer cake and write 2012 on the top with star sprinkles, bake vanilla cupcakes and ice with a red white and blue** swirl. Pour yourself a gin & tonic (cucumber garnish optional), settle into your seat for a crackers and very British opening ceremony. Party, done!

union jack tights

red white blue manicure

red white blue swirl icing cupcake

red white and blue layer cake

Red, White and Blue** swirl icing
Makes enough to ice 12 cupcakes

125g butter, very soft
250g icing sugar
food colouring

Blend the butter and icing together in a food processor until just combined. Split equally between 3 bowls and add small amounts of food colouring until you have your desired colour, making sure to fully mix the colour through the icing.

Get 4 icing bags and snip the ends off each. Put the 3 colours into 3 separate icing bags. Then insert your chosen icing nozzle into the remaining icing bag, and then put the 3 full icing bags into the one with the nozzle. It’s best to put all 3 bags in at once so they fit equally inside the main bag.

You’re now ready to pipe your desired pattern on your cupcakes. A word of caution – red white and blue in a swirl looks remarkably like a well-known brand of toothpaste!

*substitute tights with your national flag here
*substitute the colours of your team here

Hoy Hoy!

18 Feb


Yesterday Mr Bakes and I had a very different Friday. It started with a run to the lido at 9.30am for an usually quiet swim before running home to a spot of poached eggs on toast. Then we travelled to the Olympic Park to watch the UCI Track Cycling World Cup, and somehow had seats right on the finish line 3 rows from the front. Pretty, pretty good!


See how close we were? Although track cycling events are usually very good for spectators, as you can get out your seat and walk around, get right up to the track to see what’s going on and no-one really minds or tells you to get back to your seat.


Here are Pendleton and Varnish about to whoop ass in the team sprint, before winning gold later on in the day. We also were witness to the first ever world record in the velodrome, which Pendleton & Varnish went on to smash too! We did see Chris Hoy and his team sprint chums. And yes, he’s still massive.


Afterwards we had a look round Westfield, just because it was there. On the plus side, we got a pinkberry.

Now, I wonder what type of muesli bars these cyclists like to eat?