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Och pie the noo

17 Jan


Mmm. Looks good right? It’s a take on shepherds pie. The mash is a 50:50 split of potato and swede. It’s Burns night soon, how about this for an idea. Haggis pie topped with potato & swede (that’s turnip to you lot north of the border) mash? Sounds tasty! Now back to this little lady in the picture. This pie had minced lamb in it, and the secret ingredient? Soy sauce, not salt. Very savoury indeed.

Are you wondering how Herman is? He’s getting bigger, I fed him last night and he’s grown. Every now and then he makes a small spluttering noise. I think that’s his way of saying he’s happy. He will be ready to divide and share on Saturday, would anyone like some? You get a 1/4 of Herman to look after for 10 days, on the 10th day you divide into 4, give 3 portions away and make the 4th into a very tasty cake. The cake that keeps on giving!